Pienaar, Domenick Cuthbert (1926–1978)
South African personnel officer who took an active interest
in parapsychology. He was born on August 2, 1926, at Krugersdorp,
Transvaal, South Africa. He studied at the University of
Potchefstroom (B.S., 1950) and the University of South Africa
(B.S. hons., psychology 1956). After graduation he worked as
an assistant personnel officer at Daggafontein Mines, Springs,
Transvaal (1957), a vocational guidance officer at the Department
of Labour, Johannesburg (1958–61), and in 1961 he
joined the personnel study section of South African Coal, Oil
and Gas Corporation.
In 1971, Pienaar received his Ph.D. from the University of
South Africa for his thesis ‘‘Studies in ESP; an Investigation of
Distortion in ESP Phenomena.’’ This study was aided by a grant
from the Parapsychology Foundation and used clock cards as
targets in testing for ESP. He has tested ESP ability in abnormal
personalities using Zener Cards. Pienaar has also studied factors
in the relationship between percipient and agent. He distinguished
two primary factors the ‘‘sheepgoat’’ effect and
‘‘friendsstrangers’’ differences, as well as other agent-centered
or percipient-centered factors.
He was associated with the South African Society for Psychical
Research and the South African Parapsychology Institute
for more than twelve years. He was a council member of the Society,
served as secretary, and was president for seven years.
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