Piérart, Z. J. (d. 1878)
Founder of the rival branch of Spiritualism in France
against the Spiritism of Allan Kardec. As a more traditional
Spiritualist than Kardec, Piéare did not accept the doctrine of
compulsory reincarnation.
At one time, Piérart was a professor at the College of Maubeuge
and afterward secretary to Baron du Potet. In 1858, he
founded the Spiritualist journal La Revue Spirtualiste which engaged
Kardec’s journal La Revue Spirite in debate. Eventually
Kardec’s journal was sufficiently successful to overwhelm La
Revue Spiritualiste, which was discontinued during the 1860s. It
was revived in 1870 under the title Concile de la Libre Pensée, but
in 1873 it was suppressed under pressure generated by clerical
Among the ideas Piérart advocated was a form of psychic
vampirism. He though vampires were the ghostly or astral bodies
of deceased persons which vampirized the living to keep
their physical bodies (still in graves) vitalized. His idea would
explain why some bodies that were later dug up showed signs
of life.
Rogo, Scott. ‘‘In-depth Analysis of the Vampire Legend.’’
Fate 21, no. 9 (September 1968) 77.

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