Politi, Auguste (1855– )
Italian watchmaker and physical medium. His mediumship
was developed by the psychical researcher Captain Enrico de
Albertis. In 1902, a series of experiments were conducted on
Politi in Paris by de Albertis, Col. Eugene Rochas, Taton,
Lemerle, Baclé, Guillaume de Fontenay, and Dariex. Photographs
were taken of table levitations. In 1904, he was studied
by a group in Rome under the direction of Professor Milesi.
In the Paris séances, a piano was supposedly raised several
times and noisly dropped. A table of 39 pounds was lifted over
the sitters’ head, went through the opening of the curtain, and
dropped upside down upon the floor. Supposedly luminous
phenomena were also obtained. In the fifth séance, two luminous
crosses, about four inches in high, appeared. The sitters
were touched by a hairy hand and phantoms were seen. The
medium sat in a sack fastened at the neck, wrists, and feet.
In 1908, Politi gave more than 70 séances in Milan at the Societe
d’Etudes Psychiques

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