Postel, Guillaume (ca. 1510–1581)
A sixteenth-century visionary born around 1510 in the diocese
of Avranches, France. At fourteen years of age, Postel was
made master of a school. Postel believed he had been called by
God to reunite all men under one law, either by reason or the
sword. The pope and the king of France were to be the civil and
religious heads of his new republic.
Postel was made almoner to a hospital at Venice, where he
met Mére Jeanne, a woman who had visions. Because of his heterodox
preachings, Postel was denounced as a heretic, but later
was regarded as merely mad.
A follower of Kabbalah he spoke internationally about his
belief in astrology wrote several works on the visions of his coadjutor.
Postel retired to the priory of St. Martin-des-Champs
at Paris, where he died penitent.