Power Spots
Within traditional religious thought as well as occult spirituality,
different physical locations are believed to be holy sites
because they possess an access to spiritual energy. Common sacred
sites include many mountains, caves, springs, and the locations
of unusual natural phenomena. This concept of power
spots has received special emphasis in the contemporary occult
community through the New Age movement. Recognized
power spots are places that intensify whatever people bring to
them, so that spending even short periods of time in them can
lead to spiritual transformation.
The modern theory of power spots can be traced to the literature
of the 1920s on the old monolithic culture in Great Britain
that erected many stone monuments, of which Stonehenge
is the most notable. In 1925 Alfred Watkins proposed that a system
of straight lines, which he called ‘‘ley’’ lines, could be
traced across England and from there to other parts of the
world, and that these lines were aligned with the sun and various
star clusters. This idea was expanded by later writers to suggest
that the lines, which tended to cross at the sites of ancient
pagan temples, manifested psychic energy. These writers compared
the lines with the acupuncture meridians believed to
crisscross the human body and hypothesized that ancient peoples
intuitively chose the points where ley lines crossed as
places to build their holy shrines. Archaeological evidence has
proved that some straight paths actually exist, and, apart from
any speculations about psychic energy, modern research has
shown that magnetic forces surround the Earth relative to its
magnetic pole. Published maps show those lines of forces as
well as spots of strong deviation from the norm, which has led
to the designation of new power points such as Sedona, Arizona,
which is believed to be home to four power spots.
Power spots tend to be sites of striking natural beauty (such
as Mount Shasta, in northern California), ancient holy sites
(such as the Egyptian pyramids, or the Incan temple in Machu
Picchu, Peru), and unexplained human constructions (such as
the massive earth drawings on the plains of Nasca in Peru,
which many believe were built to guide UFO landings). Such
sites have become the object of pilgrimages.
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