Price-Mars, Jean (1875–1969)
Haitian educator and diplomat who also studied parapsychology.
He was born on October 15, 1875, at Grande-Rivière
du Nord, Haiti. Price-Mars was a professor and rector at the
University of Haiti and a member of the Haitian Senate. Beginning
in 1900 he served in the Haitian diplomatic service in
Germany, the United States, France, the Dominican Republic,
and the United Nations and served as Haiti’s Minister of Foreign
Affairs. He was the founder of the Institute of Ethnology,
Haiti, and president of the African Society of Culture. He published
various books on the folklore, history, culture and ethnology
of Haiti and took a special interest in parapsychology
in relation to voudou.
He died March 2, 1969.
Price-Mars, Jean. ‘‘Africa in the Americas.’’ Tomorrow (Autumn

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