Procter & Gamble Logo
The familiar logo of Procter & Gamble for decades was a design
of thirteen stars enclosed in a circle, with a man-in-themoon.
In the wake of the rise of a popular interest in Satanism
and anti-Satanism in the late 1960s, the logo gave rise to persistent
rumors that the company was run by Satan sympathizers
and that the logo expressed allegiance to the devil. The rumor
was spread by many conservative Christians and others who
had come to believe in an international underground Satanic
conspiracy, such as that described in the black magic novels of
popular occult writer Dennis Wheatly. The company took a
number of public relations countermeasures through the
1970s, but unable to stamp out the rumor, in 1982 it was
obliged to take legal measures to defend itself. Procter & Gamble
filed two libel suits in July 1982, one against a WXIA television
weatherman, another against a Tennessee couple, for
spreading such rumors. On April 24, 1985, Procter & Gamble
dropped the suits when all three individuals publicly apologized.
The logo was, nonetheless, removed from its products.

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