Psychic Esperanto League (Palka
Esperantista Ligo)
Founded in Britain by Alexander W. Thomson, F.B.E.A. in
August 1934, with members in eleven countries. The work of
the League was carried on mainly by correspondence, and its
aim was to educate individuals concerning psychic awareness in
various parts of the world untouched by other means because
of the language barrier. Esparanto is an artificial language created
in the 1880s by L. L. Zamehhof of Poland to assist communication
between people with incompatible languages. It was
developed from root words taken from all of the European languages.
It is the most successful of all of the artificial languages,
and an estimated eight million people speak it (a relatively
small number but far larger than the communities which speak
most of the world’s hundreds of languages). The league appears
to have ceased operation after World War II.