Psychic Museums
A museum was founded in 1925 by veteran Spiritualist Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle, (1859–1930) and located at 2 Victoria
Street, London, S.W. The museum housed an interesting collection
of apports, automatic scripts, automatic and direct
sketches and paintings, paraffin molds, photographs and other
psychic objects. Unfortunately, at a later date, the museum was
closed and its collection was dispersed. A number of the items
have been lost or destroyed.
Some archives of the British College of Psychic Science
were also dispersed, but items from the Institute for Psychic Research
(of which Nandor Fodor was Research Officer) were absorbed
by the Society for Psychical Research, London. The
Harry Price archives are still kept at University of London,
Senate House, Malet Street, London, W.C.I., England.
There are probably many psychic collections in existence in
various corners of the world. T. W. Stanford, a Melbourne millionaire,
collected all the apports of the controversial medium
Charles Bailey and donated them to the Psychical Research
Department of Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. In
Budapest (I. Mészáros u.2.) Dr. Chengery Pap established a
museum of the objects apported through the mediumship of
Lajos Pap. There was an Other World Museum in Rome, LungoTevere
Prati 12, founded by Father V. Jouet, containing many
rare objects and documents bearing upon different manifestations
of the departed.
In Virginia, the Association for Research and Enlightenment
has preserved for study 15,000 transcripts of the psychic
readings of Edgar Cayce.
The most recent psychic museum is the Britten Memorial
Museum on the grounds of the Arthur Findlay College (of the
Spiritualists National Union) in Essex, England.