Psychic Science International Special
Interest Group
A now-defunct group founded in 1976 from among members
and associates of Mensa (persons who have established by
score in a standard intelligence test that their intelligence is
higher than that of 98 percent of the population). PSISIG was
concerned with interest in and conducting of scientific research
in the psychic sciences and arts, such as theories of existence
and reality, states of mind, human auras, clairvoyance, mental
and thought projection, telepathy, dowsing, psychometry,
healing and defense, multiple personalities and possession,
psychokinesis, survival after death, discarnate entities, and extraterrestrial
life. It disseminated research findings and applied
research and education for the benefit of humanity in
mental health, reduction of superstition and fraud, safety, and
enhancement of human relations.
PSISIG provided educational programs to promote awareness
and capabilities in the psychic sciences and arts and offers
grants, scholarships, and other aids to persons or organizations
studying psychic sciences. It also operated a speakers bureau,
provided members for surveys by responsible, noncommercial
organizations, and compiled statistics. The group published
the PSI-M NewsletterJournal and a Yearbook.