Psychic Science
A compilation and examination of data with the aim of demonstrating
the possible existence of spirits independent of the
human body and to validate their ability to communicate with
humanity. According to J. Hewat McKenzie’s summary in his
book Spirit Intercourse, (1916), the following claims fall within
the proper research perimeters of psychic science
1) That at the death of the body, a human being continues
to function as a conscious being.
2) That he or she functions after death in a refined spiritbody
or soul, which has substance and weight, and which can
be seen and photographed.
3) That this soul existed within the physical body during life,
and is organic, having brain, nerves, blood-vessels, heart, etc.
4) That the soul can communicate in various ways with persons
on earth both before and after death.
5) That the world in which the soul dwells after the death of
the body lies immediately around the physical earth.
6) That a man or woman while alive may leave the physical
body, and by use of the soul, may explore spheres of refined
physical states, commonly called the spirit world.
Abstractly, psychic science might seem to be but a focus
within psychical research or parapsychology, however, in practice,
it has functioned as a synonym of Spiritualism. The foundation
of various British societies and colleges of ‘‘psychic science’’
and the dropping of the term ‘‘Spiritualist’’ in favor of
‘‘psychic science,’’ without any appreciable redirection of program
stems from the Spiritualist’s claims that their religion can
be scientifically demonstrated. (See also British College of
Psychic Science; College of Psychic Studies)