Psychical Research Foundation
A parapsychological research facility established in 1960
with funds from Charles E. Ozanne, a high school and college
teacher interested in the question of survival of death. The
foundation was created to investigate phenomena relating to
the survival of human personality after death. The foundation
serves as a scientific and educational research center to investigate
the possibilities of continuation of consciousness after
death of the physical body. Its research program includes study
of sensitives, haunting and poltergeist phenomena, as well as
out-of-the-body travel.
In 1960, William G. Roll became project director and is now
president. Under Roll’s leadership the foundation has established
an outstanding record of parapsychological research on
meditation, haunts, poltergeists, out-of-the-body experiences,
and mediumship. Roll can be reached at Isleway House, Fairfield
Plantation, Villa Rica, GA 30180.
The foundation conducts lectures, workshops and seminars
on topics related to the question of survival after death. It sponsers
volunteer field investigators to assist in its research. The
foundation has a research division that is directed by Dr. Andrew
Nichols, City College, Gainesville, Florida 32608. News of
its activities are published in its quarterly bulletin Theta.

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