Psychosynthesis Institute
A facility founded to promote the psychotherapeutic approach
of Roberto Assagiolo, a psychiatrist who attempted to
integrate theosophical ideas, especially those of Alice A. Bailey,
into his psychotherapeutic work. Basic concepts in psychosynthesis
include the supraconscious (a higher unconscious,
source of meaning and purpose in life), the Self and the will.
Essentially psychosynthesis is a psychological and educational
method of harmonizing one’s relationship to environment
through inner integration and synthesis. This involves a
continuing process of expanding self-awareness and higher
consciousness, leading from the personal to the transpersonal
or universal. The approach varies according to the needs of the
individual and the most suitable way of releasing inner guidance,
combining the methods of psychology and spiritual disciplines.
The institute offered theoretical and practical training for
professionals and concerned individuals, as well as supporting
research on psychosynthesis. Last known addresses High Point
Foundation, 647 N. Madison Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101, and
Nan Clark Ln., Mill Hill, London, NW7, England.
Assagioli, Roberto. The Act of Will. New York Viking Penguin,
———. Psychosynthesis A Manual of Principles and Techniques.
New York Viking Penguin, 1971.

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