A modern term favored in Eastern Europe for what in the
West is termed parapsychology. It attempts to extend parapsychology
by indicating the relationship of man to the universe,
interaction with other physical bodies and matter, and fields of
energy, known or unknown.
The First International Conference on psychotronics was
held in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1974. Delegates included
professors of physics and psychology, doctors of medicine and
psychiatry, and parapsychologists. Subjects discussed included
dowsing (water-witching and location of hidden objects), radionics,
telepathy, Kirlian aura, out-of-the body travel, and bioelectric
energy fields. Psychotronics organizations now exist in
Poland, the Czech Republic and several other Eastern European
Wilczewski, Janusz, Zbigniew Szczerba, and Barbara Szbicka,
eds. Materialy z Konferencji Parapsychologow ‘94. Warsaw
Polskie Towarzystwo Psychotroniczne, 1994.

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