Pursuit (Journal)
Quarterly publication of the Society for the Investigation
of the Unexplained. The Society for the Investigation of the
Unexplained was founded in 1966 by explorer-author Ivan T.
Sanderson (1911–1973), an enthusiastic student of the research
of Charles H. Fort into strange and anomalous phenomena
and events. Pursuit included reports on the wide range
of Fortean phenomena, i.e., bizarre events, strange anomalies,
synchronicities and scientific ambiguities often ignored or explained
away, such as unusual falls from the skies, mysterious
disappearances and reappearances, stigmata, earthquake and
tornado anomalies, invisible assassins, teleportation, UFOs,
levitation, monsters, inexplicable fires and explosions. The society
died soon after Sanderson’s death in 1973 and with it went

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