Radiant School of Seekers and Servers
The Radiant School of Seekers and Servers was one of a
number of occult groups drawn to Mount Shasta, the prominent
mountain in northern California. Founded by Kenneth
Wheeler in 1963, the original small group moved some years
later to the village of Mount Shasta, at the base of the mountain.
The school was a channeling group through whom
‘‘Phylos the Tibetan’’ spoke. ‘‘Phylos’’ is a disembodied entity
who is claimed to have first spoken in the 1890s through Frederick
Spencer Oliver. These channelings were collected and
published in a book, A Dweller on Two Planets (1899). A second
volume reported to be by ‘‘Phylos’’ appeared in 1940 as An
Earth Dweller Returns and was channeled through one of the
founders of the Lemurian Fellowship. In the 1960s ‘‘Phylos’’
began to speak again, and the material became the basis of the
regular mailings sent to the supporters of the Radiant School.
The school taught a message of personal development in
line with humanity’s ultimate life pattern, which in turn is in
line with God’s universal plan. All people are expected to unfold
their patterns in full. During our various lives on Earth, we
are allowed to meet again all those we have previously interfered
with and thus created karma (consequences). The divine
plan assumes the right to health, happiness, and prosperity.
The school existed for several decades but disbanded in the
early 1980s.
Van Valer, Nola. My Meeting with the Masters of Mount Shasta.
Mount Shasta, Calif. Radiant School, 1982.

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