Raelian Movement
A flying saucer religious movement that originated in
France in 1973 from the claims of contact with extraterrestrials
by former motor-racing journalist Claude Vorilhon. Vorilhon
claimed that on December 1, 1973, he encountered a small humanoid
being who arrived on Earth in a spacecraft. The entity,
addressing him in French, told Vorilhon that he had been chosen
to spread a message of love, peace, and fraternity to all people.
The substance of their continued contacts was published in
1974 in The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials (originally
published in French). Vorilhon was given a new name, Rael, by
the extraterrestrials.
According to the space beings, humankind is the product of
experiments by an extraterrestrial race, the Elohim (a hebrew
term generally translated in the Bible as ‘‘God’’). In their scientific
experiments, the Elohim succeeded in creating life and
eventually produced a humanlike creature. Their governmental
authorities ordered them to continue their work elsewhere,
and Earth was the chosen site.
The Elohim eventually left Earth, but returned in 1973 because
of the threats of atomic war. The Elohim, according to
Vorilhon, now wish to assist humanity in controlling aggressive
urges that threaten the race with total annihilation. They have
requested that an embassy be constructed where they can meet
with world leaders. The construction of such a meeting place
is high on the Raelians’ agenda.
Rael organized those who read his book and adhered to his
message into a Raelian movement. It is structured hierarchically.
Leaders are termed guides, with Rael designated a sixthlevel
guide. He is assisted by 12 fifth-level guides scattered
around the world overseeing the spreading movement. The
growth of the movement has been assisted by the translation of
Rael’s work into some 25 languages. The movement moved
into North America through French-speaking Canada in 1976.
American headquarters P.O. Box 611793, North Miami
Beach, FL 33261. Canadian headquarters P.O. Box 86, Youville
Sta., Montreal, PQ, Canada H2P 2V2. International headquarters
CP 225, CH-1411 Geneva 8, Switzerland.
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