Rakoczi, The Master the Prince
One of the masters originally contacted by Helena Petrovna
Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society. According
to theosophical teachings there exists a spiritual hierarchy
composed of individuals who have finished their round of
earthly reincarnations and have evolved to the spiritual planes,
from which they guide the affairs of humanity. Those members
of the hierarchy closest to humanity are the ‘‘lords of the seven
rays’’ (of the light spectrum). Each ray represents a particular
virtue, which the lord of that ray exemplifies.
The prince Rakoczi is the master of the seventh ray, concerned
with ordered service or ceremonial magic. He is involved
with the ceremonial aspect of religion and magic, especially
the ancient mysteries. He is also occupied with the
volatile political situation in Europe and North America and
speaks many languages.
Reportedlty, Rakoczi has had numerous incarnations. He
was, successively, Saint Alban (third century C.E.), Proclus (a
Neoplatonic philosopher, 410–85 C.E.), Roger Bacon
(1220–92), Christian Rosencrutz (1378–1484), Hunyadi Janos
(1387–1456), Robertus the monk (sixteenth century), and
Francis Bacon (1561–1626). In his last incarnation he was a
Hungarian prince, the last surviving member of the Hungarian
Rokoczi family, and known throughout Europe as the Comte
de Saint Germain. He still inhabits that body.
As Prince Rakoczi, this master was not as prominent in theosophical
literature as some others, even though he became the
subject of a popular book by Isabel Cooper-Oakley. He was
lifted out of obscurity, however, after Guy W. Ballard claimed
to have encountered him in 1929 on the slopes of Mt. Shasta.
Saint Germain became the patron of the ‘‘I Am Religious Activity,’’
and all of the groups that have emerged from it, such as
the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and the Church Universal
and Triumphant, have given him a prominent place in their
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