Raman, Bangalore Venkata (1912–1998)
Prominent Indian astrologer, born in Madras, India, on August
12, 1912. His grandfather B. Suryanarain Rao was also a
prominent astrologer. In 1930 Raman became coeditor with
his grandfather of The Astrological Magazine, founded by Rao in
1895, and gradually assumed complete control of it and of
Raman Publications, an astrological publishing house in Bangalore.
He published his first book, A Manual of Hindu Astrology,
in 1935.
Raman spent his life writing on astrology, challenging the
Western scientific view of the field as a pseudoscience or under
the umbrella of occultism. After World War II his works began
to circulate in England and the United States, introducing
Vedic astrology to Europe and North America. Raman died in
December 1998.
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