Randall, John L(eslie) (1933– )
British school teacher and parapsychologist. Randall was
born on November 27, 1933, in Warwick, England. He studied
at Leicester University (graduate certificate in education), Leicester
College of Technology (honors degree in chemistry;
minor in biology), and the University of London (B.Sc., honors).
He taught at secondary schools for four years prior to his
position as biology master at Leamington College, a grammar
school for boys (1962–79). In 1979 he became a biology teacher
at the King Henry VIII School, Coventry.
He was a member of the Society for Psychical Research,
London, and served on the council from 1978 onward. He introduced
psi experiments and the study of parapsychology
into a General Studies course for sixth form students. He has
a special interest in the philosophical implications of psi and
biological theories relating to psi and is a supporter of Rupert
Sheldrake’s theories concerning formative causation. He has
written a number of papers and books on parapsychology.
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