Randles, Jenny (Jennifer Christine)
(1951– )
British ufologist. She was born on October 30, 1951, in
Bacup, England, and studied chemistry, mathematics, and
physics, receiving advanced level General Certificates of Education
in these subjects. She went on to post advanced level
studies in geography and geology, receiving City and Guilds
Certificates with distinctions in audio-visual technology and education.
She was a teacher at a Cheshire Middle School
(1972–74), a Research Coordinator on the council of the British
UFO Research Association (BUFORA) (1975–77), and an
audio-visual technician in a college of education, servicing
teachers (1977–78). Through the 1970s she became increasingly
involved in UFO research. She has held a variety of positions
and has done a variety of tasks simultaneously.
In 1973 she helped form the Northern UFO Network and
became the editor of the Northern UFO News in 1974. In
1977 she became a columnist for Flying Saucer Review. After
1978 she became secretary of the Northern UFO Network
(NUFON) and the UFO Investigators’ Network (UFOIN), concerned
with procuring reports on UFO sightings in Britain.
Her first book, co-authored with Peter Warrington, UFOs; A
British Viewpoint, appeared in 1979.
In the 1980s Randles also allowed her interest in psychic
phenomena and the paranormal to emerge. In 1983, she wrote
and presented a thirty-week series of features on mysterious
phenomena for the independent British radio station Radio
City. She has also appeared in, researched, and helped to produce
numerous other radio and television programs on British
and foreign channels. During these media appearances, she
met many celebrities who provided the inspiration and material
of her book Beyond Explanation (1985). This deals with the
paranormal experiences of past and present public figures such
as John Lennon, Edgar Allan Poe, Susannah York, Kevin Keegan,
Donald Sutherland, Arthur Koestler, Winston Churchill,
Anthony Hopkins, Lindsay Wagner, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
and many others. It was followed by Sixth Sense (1986).
As a result of many years of study and investigation of the
UFO phenomenon and the paranormal, she advised caution in
reaching firm conclusions about UFOs and stated that she had
found no objective evidence to support the belief that we are
visited by extraterrestrials. She suggested that there may be
several different answers to the unexplained cases, some of
them possibly relating to new types of natural, physical phenomena.
She has now explored the UFO question from almost
every angle and continues to produce a new book based on her
recent research every few years.
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