Ransom, Champe (1936– )
Editor in a law book publishing company and writer on
parapsychology. He was born in San Diego, California, and became
a seaman in the Merchant Marines after leaving high
school. He obtained a B.A. degree from Lawrence University
with a major in history (1961) and a J.D. degree from St. Mary’s
University School of Law (1966). He then served as legislative
counsel to the state legislature in Juneau, Alaska (1966–70).
During his final year in law school he had taken an interest in
parapsychology and in 1970 was finally able to become a research
assistant at the Division of Parapsychology, University
of Virginia (1970–72). He then became an editor with Michie
Company, law book publishers, Charlottesville, Virginia, and
later owned a chimney sweeping business.
While at the University of Virginia he worked off of a grant
for the Parapsychology Foundation, which supported his research
on parapsychology’s critics. He also assisted J. G. Pratt
with experiments in PK and ESP.
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