Re-formed Congregation of the GoddessInternational
The Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess-International
is one expression of feminist Wicca that has emerged in stages
through the 1980s and 1990s. Wicca emerged as a religion built
around the worship of the Goddess. It elevated the role of the
priestess as a means of balancing the more traditional all-male
leadership role in Western religion. Many women found Wicca
and magic to be a means of empowerment. In the early 1970s
Dianic Wicca took the notion of the feminine role in the religion
one step further and began to speak of Wicca as ‘‘wimmen’s’’
religion. Feminist leaders began to organize all-female
covens with a range of opinion from all-lesbian separatist
groups to those groups that merely supplied women with a
place for religious self-expression without male interference.
Feminist consciousness emerged within the strongest of the
Wisconsin-based Wiccan groups, Circle, but generally manifested
as all-female events during gatherings in which males
otherwise participated. A more separatist format of feminist
Wicca emerged in 1983 with the first issue of Of a Like Mind, a
periodical that became the focus of a network of goddessworshipping
women. Of a Like Mind covered such areas as
women’s spirituality, Goddess religions around the world, nature-centered
spirituality, and feminism. Each issue centered
upon a particular Goddess and a singular theme, the subjects
of feature articles, and included a number of columns that facilitated
Over the years the Re-formed Congregation emerged as a
network of groups (called circles) and then in the 1990s as a
formal corporate structure that chartered member organizations
and trained and ordained leaders. The congregation organized
its own publishing house, Triple Crescent Press, and
a school, the Women’s Theological Institute. The Grove is a retreat
center near Madison, Wisconsin. It sponsors a number of
celebrative and training events through the year.
The Re-formed Congregation is headquartered at Box
6677, Madison, WI 53726. Of a Like Mind is issued quarterly.
It has an Internet presence at httpwww.cae.wisc.edu80
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