ReCreation is an organization founded out of the response
to the three-volume set of the metaphysical best-seller Conversations
with God, received over a three-year period (1992–1995)
by Neal Donald Walsch. Walsch was a radio talk show host in
Ashland, Oregon, who in 1992 vented his frustration over his
lot in life in a letter to God. To his surprise God answered back,
and thus began his three-year dialogue. The messages from
God were received by a process generally termed automatic
writing. The three volumes of Conversations with God appeared
in 1995, 1997, and 1998 respectively. They each became bestsellers,
and Walsch was faced with a massive response by people
who were positively affected by his writing. He founded ReCreation
to channel that response into action.
ReCreation is based upon the notion that deep within our
memory, each human carries the awareness that there once existed
a race of beings who had a deep acceptance of love as the
only reality and thus lived without anger, fear, struggle, and
war. Bonded by love, these people lived by three rules Love is
all there is; Do harm to no one; and We are all One. They had
a code of ethics based on three imperatives Awareness, honesty,
and responsibility. Having once existed, a society of such
people of love can be rebuilt, and that is the goal of ReCreation.
To that end, ReCreation now sponsors a full schedule of
programs (seminars, workshops, and lectures) at various locations
across North America and overseas. A Conversations with
God in Action program seeks to mobilize people to create centers
to actualize the ideals of Conversations with God in their own
community. These centers will be able to offer many of the
same programs heretofore only available in Oregon. CWG in
Action also has a ‘‘Little Masters’’ program for children. Walsch
leads an annual Empowerment Week at which interested people
may learn to be CWG leaders, both those who wish to work
at the local level and those who wish to train other leaders.
ReCreation certifies those who complete the training as Message
ReCreation publishes a newsletter and study materials for
people reading Conversations with God. It is headquartered at
PMB #1150, 1257 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 97520. Its Internet
site is at
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Walsch, Neal Donald. Conversations with God I, II, III. Charlottesville,
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