ReVision A Journal of Consciousness and
Quarterly journal devoted to scholarly articles on consciousness
and change in modern society. Typical subjects include interdisciplinary
studies on Eastern and Western meditation and
philosophy, mysticism, religion in contemporary transpersonal
experiences, and research on higher consciousness. The
journal is published by Heldref Publications (division of the
Reuss, Theodor Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation) in cooperation
with the International Transpersonal Association. The editorial
staff has included such distinguished individuals as Stanislav
Grof, Stanley Krippner, Ralph Metzner, and Dr. Karan Singh.
Heldref Publications is located at 1319 18th St. NW, Washington,
DC 20036-1802. Online subscriptions to the magazine are
available at
Heldref Publications. March 8,