Richmond, Kenneth Forbes (1882–1945)
Scottish writer and educational psychologist who assisted
the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), London, during the
crucial years of World War II. He edited the Journal of the SPR
(1939–45) and served as the Society’s part-time secretary
(1944–45). Richmond was born on August 8, 1882, at Glenarmond,
Scotland, and was educated at Glenarmond School. His
wife, Zoe Richmond, was a sensitive who was tested by the SPR.
His interest in psychical research was stimulated by the book
Raymond Or Life After Death by Sir Oliver Lodge (1916), which
Richmond reviewed. He became a member of the SPR and investigated
the phenomena of mediumship, especially the medium
Gladys Osborne Leonard and her control, ‘‘Feda.’’ He
wrote a number of popular articles which appeared in newspapers
and magazines, one book, Evidence of Identity (1939), and
several articles in the Proceedings of the SPR. He died November
30, 1945.
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