According to ancient Oriental legend, Rocail was the younger
brother of Seth, the son of the biblical Adam. The circumstances
of his history were picturesque and unique. A dive, or
giant, of Mount Caucasus, finding himself in difficulties, applied
for aid to the human race. Rocail offered his services to
the giant, and these proved so acceptable that the dive made
his benefactor his grand vizier.
For a long period Rocail successfully governed the giant’s
realm and reached a position of dignity and honor. However,
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Rocail
when he felt himself growing old, he desired to leave behind
him a more lasting monument than public respect, so he built
a magnificent palace and sepulcher. The palace he peopled
with statues, which, by the power of magic, he made to walk and
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