Rogo, David Scott (1950–1990)
Parapsychologist and writer on psychological, scientific, and
psychic subjects. Rogo was born February 1, 1950, in Los Angeles
and studied at the University of Cincinnati for a year before
finishing his degree at San Fernando Valley State College
(B.A., 1971). Originally a musician, he became a student of
parapsychology and in 1968–69 coordinated an experimental
course in parapsychology at the University of California, Los
Angeles. He joined the American Society for Psychical Research
and the Society for Psychical Research, London. Over
the years he educated himself in parapsychology and became
one of the important interpreters of its findings to the public.
As a professional writer, he regularly contributed to various
psychic and New Age periodicals such as Fate and Psychic (renamed
New Realities), for whom he became a review editor. He
authored several papers for parapsychology journals, but is
most remembered for his many thoughtful books. He was tragically
killed during a break-in at his apartment in Northridge,
California on August 14, 1990. The Parapsychology Foundation
has established the ‘‘D. Scott Rogo Award for Parapsychology
Literature’’ in his memory.
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