Rosetree, Rose
Rose Rosetree is an innovative teacher of physiognomy, the
art of face reading, who has named her own system Face Reading
Secrets. Following her graduation from Brandeis University,
she became initially a student and then a teacher of transcendental
meditation (TM). Among the highlights of her 15-
year career was her pioneering the introduction of the TM
program into the high school system of Miami, Florida, in the
early 1970s. In 1974–75 she authored a syndicated column on
meditation for newspapers in Massachusetts, and in 1981–82
she worked with the Environmental Protection Agency to develop
a meditation program for its employees. This later program
coincided with the challenge in the courts of TM’s role
in government agencies and its eventual banishment because
of its religious nature. In 1986, Rosetree left the TM movement
and began teaching independently.
During this time she began the study of physiognomy. She
published her first book on the subject, I Can Read Your Face,
in 1989. She continued to read widely in both the Chinese
Siang Mien and Western texts, only a handful of which had been
written over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Based
upon her study and her own experiments in reading people’s
faces, she created her new system. This was also developed
along with her abilities in reading the human aura, and greatly
expanded the average person’s ability to utilize aura reading
Although teaching both physiognomy and aura reading,
Rosetree, who resides in suburban Washington, D.C., has focused
on teacher training, a key to spreading the practice of
face reading, and upon application in the business world. The
first book based upon her new system, The Power of Face Reading
for Sales, Self-Esteem, and Better Relationships, appeared in 1998.
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