Rosicrucian Anthroposophical League
The Rosicrucian Anthroposophical League was founded in
1932 by Samuel Richard Parchment (b. 1881), an astrologer
and occultist who trained with Max Heindel. During the 1920s,
Parchment became a leader in the Rosicrucian Fellowship,
founded by Heindel, which published his early writings. However,
he broke away from the fellowship after Heindel’s death
and formed an independent organization out of the former fellowship
center in San Francisco. Parchment is best remembered
as the author of a classic textbook, Astrology, Mundane and
Spiritual, which was used by many astrologers not affiliated with
the league and later reprinted by the American Federation of
Astrologers. He also wrote a number of booklets that became
league texts The Just Law of Compensation; The Middle Path, the
Safest; Ancient Operative Masonry; and Steps to Self-Mastery.
The league strove to investigate occult laws, to practice the
brotherhood of man, to disseminate spiritual truth, and to facilitate
the attainment of self-conscious immortality by its members.
During Parchment’s lifetime, league centers developed
on both coasts, but in recent years little has been heard of it.
Its present status is unknown. In the 1970s the New York
League became the independent Ausar Auset Society.
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