Rosicrucian Digest
The Rosicrucian Digest, the outer organ of the Ancient and
Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), is one of the oldest
occult magazines being published in the Western world, having
been established in the early 1920s. The Digest continues The
American Rosae Crucis, the original periodical established by H.
Spencer Lewis (1883–1939) in 1915 when he opened the
AMORC. The organization passed through an unstable initial
decade before settling in San Jose, California, where its headquarters
has remained and from which it has grown into a
worldwide occult fellowship, possibly the largest in the contemporary
The Rosicrucian Digest is built around a set of feature articles
expounding upon various Rosicrucian themes. The order
traces its origins to ancient Egypt, and has founded an Egyptian
museum that remains a popular tourist stop in San Jose.
Articles discuss the museum’s artifacts, its staff’s archeological
work, and ancient Egypt in general. The emphasis upon Egypt
provides a foundation for regular treatments of the Hermetic
tradition, also traced to Egyptian roots. Generally each issue
begins with an article by the leader of the order, and recently
each issue has reprinted an article from the many written by
Lewis, the founding imperator.
Through the years, the Digest was issued as a monthly magazine.
However, in the 1990s the order went through a major
upheaval when it came into conflict with its imperator, Gary
Stewart. Stewart was forced out of office after being accused of
attempting to steal substantial funds. For several years the
order faced severe financial problems. Eventually a new imperator,
Christian Bernard, was named. Through the unrest, the
Digest became a quarterly periodical. It currently circulates approximately
15,000 copies per issue (with parallel issues serving
the order in other countries). Once a year, the Digest publishes
a list of Rosicrucian lodges and centers around the world.
The Rosicrucian Digest may be ordered from the Grand
Lodge of the English Language Jurisdiction, AMORC, Inc.,
1342 Naglee Ave., San Jose, CA 95191.
Rosicrucian Digest. San Jose, Calif., n.d.

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