Royal Priest Research
Royal Priest Research is an Arizona-based company that facilitates
the channeling work of Lyssa Royal, one of the more
prominent New Age channels to arise in the 1980s. During her
college years in the later 1970s, Royal studied self-hypnosis and
learned to enter altered states of consciousness for purposes of
stress management. In the early 1980s, having completed her
degree in psychology, she had a dream in which she was told
that she would become a channel. She developed her skills over
the next few years and began channeling professionally in
1985. She was one of the first and most successful of the New
Age channels to rely primarily on information claimed to be
from extraterrestrial sources.
Priest’s early work focused on the contactee and abductee
phenomena and resulted in three books, The Prism of Lyra
(1989), Visitors from Within (1992), and Preparing for Contact A
Metamorphosis of Consciousness (1993), all written with Keith
Priest, a musician, alternative health therapist, and independent
researcher who works with Royal. These books explored
the possibilities of human contact with space visitors through
telepathic means and were among the first to suggest that the
abduction experience was not necessarily negative, but could
be used for personal and planetary evolution. Through the
1990s, Royal has become identified with the post-New Age
channels operating out of Sedona, Arizona, and her work has
frequently appeared in Sedona Journal of Emergence. Also
working with Royal Priest Research is Ron Holt, Lyssa’s husband,
who has been a leader in the Flower of Life organization
headed by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
During the 1990s, Royal and Priest have continued to produce
books based upon her channeling work. In 1997 Royal reEncyclopedia
of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Royal Priest Research
leased a book, Millennium, in preparation for the changes she
saw coming as the new century began. She offered a more mundane
view of the changing times, noting that the millennium
was a manmade marker that designates the collective recognition
of a milestone in human life. However, she also believes
in the post-New Age vision of coming human transformation.
She views this as a movement from the third density state to the
fourth density state. In the new state, humans will have a higher
vibratory rate, will radiate more light, and the illusion of separation
from the Divine will come to an end.
Royal Priest Research can be reached at P.O. Box 30973,
Phoenix, AZ 85046. It has a website at http Royal’s books have now been translated
into a number of languages.
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