Rushton, W(illiam A(lbert) H(ugh)
Distinguished British physiologist who also took an active
interest in parapsychology, becoming president of the Society
for Psychical Research, London, (1969–71). Rushton was born
on December 8, 1901. He was educated at Gresham’s, Bolt;
Emmanuel College, Cambridge and University College Hospital,
London. He joined the faculty at Cambridge University in
physiology and taught until 1968 when he moved to Florida
State University as the Distinguished Resident Professor in Psychobiology.
Following his retirement in 1977 he was named
emeritus professor of physiology.
He contributed to the Journal of Physiology and took a special
interest in nerve excitation and vision. In the field of psychical
research, his expert physiological knowledge stimulated inquiry
into the possible mechanisms of ESP. He was critical about
false assumptions or unscientific thinking in study of the paranormal,
but maintained a keen interest in the subject and believed
in the reality of some phenomena. He died June 21,