Ryerson, Kevin (1953– )
Kevin Ryerson is a contemporary channel who became nationally
known due to his association with actress Shirley MacLaine,
who wrote about her interaction with him in her international
best-seller Out on a Limb (1983). Born in 1953, Ryerson’s
childhood consisted of a number of psychic experiences, which
he came to understand during his teen years in light of his
study of occult literature. He joined a study group sponsored
by the Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE),
through which he studied the Edgar Cayce materials and
learned to meditate. One evening, during a meeting of his ARE
study group, Ryerson slipped into a trance, and a voice claiming
to be a spirit guide, ‘‘John,’’ began to speak through him.
The study group members became fascinated with ‘‘John’’
and with Ryerson’s channeling and began to tape the sessions.
‘‘John’’ identified himself as the biblical apostle John and said
that he had returned to assist people in the transformational
process and make them aware of the Christ within. Ryerson
later sought out Richard Ireland, a Spiritualist medium from
Phoenix, Arizona, and was eventually licensed as a minister by
Ireland’s University of Life Church. In 1976 Ryerson became
a full-time professional channel.
Ryerson’s career has encompassed several projects. In 1979
he met Gurudas, an herbalist and natural healing practitioner.
Gurudas taped a number of channeling sessions at which
‘‘John’’ spoke of natural healing processes and substances,
which became the basis of a series of books. Early in the 1980s
Ryerson met Shirley MacLaine and conducted several channeling
sessions with her. The convincing nature of these sessions
was quite important to her development, and Ryerson subsequently
recreated their meetings for the film version of Out on
a Limb (book, 1983; movie, 1987). He has also made several
other media appearances, in Poltergeist II, The Magic Boat, and
Palooka. Ryerson’s character is also featured in MacLaine’s
books Dancing in the Light (1985) and It’s All in the Playing
(1987). He allowed himself to be studied by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove
and William Krautz at the Center for Applied Intuition.
Ryerson has his own website at http
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