Sanders, C. B. (1831– )
A Presbyterian minister of Alabama, a sleeping preacher,
who became subject to attacks over a 22 year period
(1854–1876), during which a secondary personality, assuming
the title of ‘‘X + Y = Z,’’ developed and exhibited startling
powers of telepathy and clairvoyance. His story is told in the
book X + Y = Z; or the Sleeping Preacher of North Alabama (1876).
It appears that the secondary personality had command over
the memories of the normal self whereas the primary consciousness
remained ignorant of the doings of ‘‘X + Y = Z.’’
There are twelve cases on record in which this mysterious secondary
personality found lost objects, money, or jewelry; he
could shoot ducks at night that were invisible to his companions;
and he could write letters and sermons with his hand completely
concealed under the bedcloth. A review of the case was
published by Walter Franklin Prince in the Bulletin of the Boston
Society for Psychical Research.
Mitchell, G. W. X + Y = Z; or the Sleeping Preacher of North
Alabama. New York, 1876. Reprint, Owens Cross Roads, AL
Drake Publications, 1981.
Prince, Walter F. Two Old Cases Reviewed. Boston Boston Society
for Psychical Research, n.d.

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