Sasportas, Howard (1948–1992)
Howard Sasportas, an important voice in contemporary astrology
supportive of the psychological interpretation of astrological
theory, was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on April 12,
1948. He studied at Antioch University in New York, and received
his master’s degree in humanistic psychology. Shortly
afterward, in 1973, he moved to England, where he pursued his
psychological studies at the Psychosynthesis and Education
Trust. (Psychosynthesis, developed by Italian psychotherapist
Roberto Assagioli, is a form of psychotherapy that has been
found compatible with occult perspectives.) He also developed
an interest in astrology. As his interest grew, he became an associate
of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, a prominent
British astrological organization founded by a group of leading
astrologers including Margaret Hone and Charles E. O. Carter.
He became a stellar student and in 1979 was awarded the
school’s gold medal. That same year he also joined the school’s
staff as a tutor.
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Sasportas’ astrological career led him to make the acquaintance
of Liz Greene, another exponent of the psychological approach
to astrological interpretation. Together, in 1983, they
founded the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London.
The school offered a spectrum of seminars and a broad course
of study in psychology and mythology, in addition to a standard
curriculum in astrology.
Beginning in 1985, Sasportas authored a set of books, including
the three volumes of the ‘‘Seminars in Psychological
Astrology’’ series with Liz Greene, that quickly became popular
texts for his colleagues. Then in 1987 he became the series editor
for the Arkana Astrology series published by VikingPenguin.
He not only assembled volumes from some of the
most important voices in contemporary astrology for the series,
but contributed what most consider to be his finest volume, The
Gods of Change. Unfortunately, at the height of his career, he
passed away in London on May 12, 1992.
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