Satanic Society
The Satanic Society is a small Satanic organization in the
tradition of Anton LaVey and one of a number of groups that
emerged out of the Church of Satan that he founded. The Satanic
Society was founded in the early 1990s by its High Priestess
Jessica as the Society of Sin, and took its present name toward
the end of the decade. Jessica was raised in a Christian
home from which she rebelled and was led to Satanism through
reading the writing of LaVey and others and through guidance
from several older Satanists who served as her mentors. Since
the death of LaVey, she considers herself no longer a supporter
of the Church of Satan, but recommends both the First Church
of Satan and the First Satanic Church.
Membership in the Satanic Society follows application and
screening. Members must demonstrate their possession of a set
of traits and abilities, including a sense of personal responsibility,
a goal-centered approach to the future, the ability to organize
and manage their life, the ability to listen and work with
a team, and the ability to reform and revive the self. Prospective
members must complete a lengthy membership application.
The Satanic Society accepts the Nine Satanic Statements originally
articulated by LaVey and promotes both magic and selfaggrandizement.
It is opposed to illegal acts and abusive behavior.
The Satanic Society may be contacted at P.O. Box 109, 2025
Guelph Line, Burlington, ON, Canada L7P 4X4. It has an Internet
site at which includes
an extensive collection of documents on Satanism and related
topics for the use of its members.
The Satanic Society. May
20, 2000.

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