Schmidt, Helmut (1928– )
Physicist who has specialized in parapsychology. He was
born in Danzig, Germany, February 21, 1928. He was educated
at the University of Göttingen (M.A., 1953) and the University
of Cologne (Ph.D. Physics, 1958). He moved to North America
in 1964 as a visiting lecturer at the University of British Columbia
and stayed to become senior research physicist at Boeing
Science Research Laboratory (1966–69) and a resident associate
at the Institute of Parapsychology (1969–70). In 1970 he
was named director of the institute, a position he held until
1973. More recently he became associated with The Mind Science
Foundation in San Antonio, Texas.
Schmidt has been praised by critics of parapsychology as the
person with the most sophisticated approach to the methodological
design of parapsychological experiments. He has conducted
research with electronic random generators (with which
he is most identified), and with E. H. Walker he proposed a ‘‘psi
enhancement’’ paradigm in which it is suggested that psi faculty
is triggered at the instant of positive feedback. He also
worked with Walter J. Levy, Jr. on possible PK in chickens,
cockroaches, and rats, though the studies with Levy were called
into question after it was discovered that he had been manipulating
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