Scott, Christopher S(avile) O’D(onoghue)
(1927– )
British sociologist who has experimented in the field of
parapsychology. He was born on August 12, 1927, at Cuckfield,
Sussex, England, and he studied at Cambridge University
(B.A., 1948; M.A., 1952). Following his graduation, he became
a statistician at UNESCO, Paris (1952–55), and a research officer
of The Social Survey at the British Central Office of Information,
London (1955–61), prior to returning to work with the
United Nations in Africa.
He joined the Society of Psychical Research, London, and
was an SPR council member during the years he lived in London
(1957–60). He conducted experiments in an attempt to
find a repeatable technique for the demonstration of extrasensory
perception. He has also done theoretical work on models
for psi and examined the work of Gertrude R. Schmeidler on
the so-called ‘‘sheep-goat’’ effect on scoring in quantitative psi
Scott was among the first researchers to call into question
the experiments of S. G. Soal based upon his statistical analysis.
Based upon Scott’s initial critique, much of Soal’s work was reexamined
and found to have been faulty and his spectacular results
probably a matter of conscious fraud. Scott’s conclusions
were initially attacked, but later independently confirmed.
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