Scott, Cyril (Meir) (1879–1970)
Eminent British composer, librettist, poet, author, and Theosophist.
He was born on September 27, 1879, at Oxton, Birkenhead,
England. He studied music at Frankfort-on-Main,
Germany. He was only 21 when his Heroic Suite was first performed
at Darmstadt, Germany, and launched him on a successful
music career. He wrote for the piano, on which he also
performed capably, as well as composing orchestral pieces,
chamber and choral works, and violin studies. He composed an
opera, The Alchemist, a ballet and a cantata, and songs and ballads.
In addition he published several volumes of his poetry
The Celestial Aftermath, The Vales of Unity, and The Voice of the Ancient.
Scott was an outspoken Theosophist, and he gave much
thought to the occult meanings of music, a topic to which only
a few, for example, Corinne Helene, had given any consideration.
He published his conclusions in the book Music; Its Secret
Influence Throughout the Ages (1933; enlarged ed. 1950), a volume
dedicated to ‘‘Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh and his pupil
Nelsa Chaplin.’’ It dealt with occult aspects of musical inspiration
and the effects on the morals and aesthetics of different
periods in history.
He also authored a series of books on the occult The Initiate
(1920), The Initiate in the New World (1927), and The Initiate in
the Dark Cycle (1932). His autobiography, Memoirs, Entitled My
Years of Indiscretion, appeared in 1924. He died December 31,
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