Serling, Rod (1924–1975)
Writer, dramatist, television producer, and creator of the
classic science fictionhorror series, Twilight Zone. He was born
in Syracuse, New York, on December 25, 1924. During World
War II, he served with the paratroopers, and after the war he
studied at Antioch College (B.A., 1950), but even before completing
his degree he had become a writer for radio (beginning
in 1946) and television (beginning in 1948). His plays were
produced on a variety of popular drama shows such as the Kraft
Theatre, Studio One, U.S. Steel Hour, Playhouse 90, Suspense,
and Danger. He later became writer-producer for The Twilight
Zone, and Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, and the narrator for In
Search of Ancient Astronauts. He received Emmy awards for best
teleplay writing in 1955–57, 1959–61, and 1963–64 and numerous
additional awards for his teleplay writing. He also authored
a number of books. He died on June 28, 1975.
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