Seven Stewards of Heaven
According to the sixteenth-century magical ritual system Arbatel,
these are the spirits through whom God governs the
world. They are known as the Olympian spirits, and they govern
the Olympian spheres, which are composed of 196 regions.
Their names in the Olympian language are Aratron, the celestial
spirit of Saturn, whose day is Saturday; Bethor, the angel
of Jupiter, whose day is Monday; Phaleg, the prince of Mars,
whose day is Tuesday; Och, the master of the Sun, whose day
is Sunday; Hagith, the sovereign of Venus, whose day is Friday;
Ophiel, the spirit of Mercury, who must be invoked on Wednesday;
Phul, the administrator of affairs in the Moon, whose day
is Monday. Each of these Seven Celestial Spirits may be invoked
by magicians with the aid of ceremonies and preparations.