Sheargold, Richard K(empsell) (1911–1988)
British parapsychologist. He was born on December 20,
1911, at Caterham, Surrey, England. He was departmental
manager at McMichael Radio, Slough, England. He joined the
Society for Psychical Research and took a special interest in
scientific experiments relating to the question of human survival.
In 1963 he became the first chairman of the Survival Joint
Research Committee Trust.
Under the sponsorship of the SPR, he completed a series of
card-guessing tests with mediums as percipients, in order to investigate
the possibility of a relationship between telepathic faculty
and the ESP demonstrated by mental mediums. These experiments
were reported in the Journal of the SPR (June 1961).
From 1971 on, Sheargold experimented with the electronic
voice phenomenon, also known as Raudive Voices, that had
just been publicized in the West by Friedrick Jürgenson and
Konstantin Raudive. In September 1973, he gave a talk on
‘‘Experiments on the Jürgenson Voice Phenomena’’ at a symposium
organized by The Institute of Parascience. He died January
25, 1988.
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