Sherman, Harold (Morrow) (1898–1987)
Author, broadcaster, and lecturer in the field of parapsychology.
Born July 13, 1898 in Traverse City, Michigan, he was
educated at Traverse City High School and the University of
Michigan. In 1920 he married Martha Frances Bain. Memberships
include Authors League of America and the Dramatists
Guild. After working as a freelance writer, he was employed at
CBS-Radio in New York from 1935–36. He was founder and
president of E.S.P. Research Associates Foundation, Little
Rock, Arkansas from 1964 onward.
He conducted experiments in clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis,
precognition, mediumship, and survival; he lectured
on ESP. With psychologist Leslie LeCron and scientists
affiliated with the University of California, L.A., he investigated
the question and the method of operation of ESP faculty. Sherman
contributred articles to Mind Digest, Journal of Living, Success
Unlimited, and Tomorrow.
By the age of twenty-two, Sherman authored approximately
sixty books on such subjects as sports, adventure, and short stories,
as well as books on extrasensory perception and mental
power. He was also interested in the theater and produced
plays and a Hollywood movie ‘‘The Adventures of Mark
Twain.’’ His book Your Key to Happiness (1935) was presented on
radio and he conducted a radio series on philosopy three times
a week under the title ‘‘The Man Who Helped You to Help
Sherman died August 19, 1987, at Mountain View, Arkansas.
One of his final messages to his many friends was, ‘‘I expect
it will be a great moment when I greet you in the next dimension.’’
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