Shroud of Turin Research Project
Former project founded in 1978, with a membership of professionals,
logistics support personnel, and physical scientists
whom acted as principal investigators in research work being
performed on the Turin Shroud.
The purpose of the project was to determine the physics and
chemistry of both the cloth and image in order to verify or refute
the authenticity of the Shroud. The project conducted
nondestructive testing and research and attempted to simulate
and analyze various images and stains found on the Shroud
Shrine of Sothis Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
through laboratory testings, including chemical analysis, infrared
spectroscopy and thermography, optical and ultraviolet reflectance
and fluorescent spectroscopy, photography, Xradiography,
and X-ray fluorescence.
The project reported findings in the form of technical papers
to the scientific press, seeked to coordinate all activities in
the field, reviewed research proposals, and distributed funding.
It published a quarterly called Update. The project was formally
dissolved by the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1993.

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