The eight occult powers resulting from the practice of yoga,
according to the system of Patanjali (ca. 200 B.C.E.). These powers
are anima (to become infinitely small at will), mahima (large),
laghima (light), garima (heavy), prapti (to reach anywhere),
prakamya (to gratify any wishes), ishatwa (to create), and vashitwa
(to command).
There are many accounts of Hindu yogis possessing and
manifesting such powers, even in relatively modern times.
However, at the same time the siddhis are regarded by many as
obstacles to spiritual realization as they might distract the seeker
from his or her true goal. In recent years, the Transcendental
Meditation movement founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
inaugurated a controversial Siddha Course for advanced students
and claimed the ability to teach students the power of levitation.
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