Slater, Thomas (ca. 1872)
British spirit photographer, the first after the initial success
of Frederick A. Hudson in England. He was an established optician
and amateur photographer in London. After a sitting
with Hudson in 1872, he experimented at his own home and,
the family being mediumistic, obtained striking success.
By the side of a portrait of his sister two heads appeared on
the plate. One of them was unmistakably Lord Brougham, the
other, much less distinct, was recognized by Slater as Robert
Dale Owen. The curious thing about this picture is that in
1856, when Slater was holding a séance with Lord Brougham
and Robert Dale Owen, it was predicted by raps that the time
would come when he would be engaged in spirit photography.
Owen immediately remarked that if dead at the time he would
attempt to appear.
Alfred Russell Wallace believed that the Slater pictures
were genuine.

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