Smith, Susy (1911– )
Journalist and author of a number of books on psychical
subjects and parapsychology. She was born on June 2, 1911, in
Washington, D.C. She attended the University of Texas and the
University of Arizona. She was a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune
and the Desert News, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and also conducted
radio programs on shopping information at Daytona
Beach, Florida.
Smith has spent most of her life as a freelance writer, and
for a period she worked as an editor at Sherbourne Press on the
popular ‘‘. . . for the Millions’’ series. Besides her own many
books, she edited the one-volume edition of F. W. H. Myers’s
Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death for University
Books in 1961. She was a member of the Society for Psychical
Research, London; the American Society for Psychical Research;
the International Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship; the
Association for Research and Enlightenment; and founded
the Survival Research Foundation in 1971.
In addition to her many popular books on parapsychology
she also lectured on the subject and has operated as a psychic
and channeled one book from William James. She is herself
psychic, as related in her book Confessions of a Psychic (Macmillan,
1971). Toward the end of her life, she also had a religious
awakening and renounced some of her previous psychic activity.
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