Sociedad Espanola de Parapsychologia
The Sociedad Espanola de Parapsychologia (Spanish Parapsychological
Society) was founded in 1973 and grew out of the
fledgling interest in parapsychology that emerged in Spain in
the 1960s. In 1971 Ramos Molina Perera became the first person
to offer courses in parapsychology at a Spanish university,
the Universidad Autónoma Madrid. Two years later Perera became
one of the founders of the Sociedad Espanola de Parapsicologia.
The society was an open membership group with members
from many segments of Spanish society, including psycholoSneezing
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
gists, newspaper reporters, and scholars of various backgrounds.
Its program had both research and educational components,
and it published a journal, Psi Communicación. Last
known address Belen 15—1 Derecha, 28004, Madrid, Spain.