Sociedad Mexicana de Parapsicologia
The Sociedad Mexicana de Parapsicologia (Mexican Parapsychological
Society) was founded in 1974 by Carlos B. Trevino
and Marcela G. de Trevino. Its formation was occasioned by the
perception that the general public was being defrauded by people
claiming various paranormal abilities, from tea leaf reading
to witchcraft, and by various self-appointed parapsychologists.
The society immediately became controversial, and many who
did not believe in the existence of psychic phenomena protested
the formation of the organization.
The society found an ally in the Roman Catholic Church.
The church has made use of the society’s expertise in cases of
reported diabolical possession. It occasionally sends people to
the parapsychologists for an initial assessment of their condition
and psychological health. The primary objectives of the society,
however, remain the battle against psychic trickery and
public gullibility and the perennial attempt to gain some acceptance
for psychical research from the mainstream of the scholarly
world. Its major focus is education rather than research,
and it sponsors frequent programs to alert the public to the
tricks of fake psychics. In 1984, it sponsored its first symposium
on parapsychology, at which a number of international speakers
were featured. The symposium was held at the Centro Universitario
México, Mexico City. Address CDA Nicolas San
Juan No. 16, D. F. Mexico 12 D.F.